I love the music and chorus of the Lou Reed song, Take a Walk on the Wild Side. It sticks in my head every time I hear it. The other day I was driving somewhere alone and it came on the radio. I turned it up louder than normal and found myself listening to the lyrics for a change. The next day I found myself humming the tune and my son began humming it too. I caught myself moments before I hit play for him to hear the actual song. That’s one that he needs to discover for himself…many years from now. (And I’ll allow you, Dear Reader, to discover it for yourself as well, if necessary)

Sometimes the tune of a song is much better than the lyrics. It’s like seeing the forest instead of the trees. Sometimes we are so focused on the details, on the trees, on the lyrics, that we forget the big picture, the forest, the tune. Sometimes it’s a nice break to simply soften the edges and allow the essence of our world to envelope us for a moment…maybe forget the shoulds, the woulds, the musts, and let the music itself carry us away…maybe take a little walk on the wild side.