It seems my regular attention to writing has waned as we have gotten busier this semester. One of the reasons I started this second blog was to have a place to put thoughts awaiting contemplation; a place to park decisions that needed mulling over; a place that would offer some sort of commitment to getting away from the fray to think.

So, this week, amid the joyful business of December, I offer a meditation opportunity about specific ways in which we can care for ourselves.

We have a crazy, busy life full of lessons, friends, family, animals, projects, and the like. It is a life that I am proud to have built with Todd. It is better than we planned when we sat for hours, as newlyweds, playing the “what if” game. Much more joy…much more effort…much more love.

I am so happy to spend my days with our children, but I draw my energy from quiet and creativity. Three kids, homeschool ,part-time jobs, and a husband who’s the Dean of Students don’t offer many moments of either. So, I find myself, at times, overwhelmed because I am in need of a quiet moment to rejvenate. I need time to be the learner and time to quietly recharge my emotional strength and enthusiam.

This week’s meditation is one of thinking about ways to care for ourselves so that we are able to give our best to others. But, an additional task I have assigned myself is to put some of these ideas into practice. When I practiced yoga years ago I studied the art of living yoga as well as the practice of asana, but our teacher often reminded us that thinking about yoga is not the same as practicing yoga. Sounds obvious doesn’t it? Thinking about doing the dishes is not the same as doing the dishes. Duh! But, those words have stuck with me a long while. I think about and plan art projects, blog topics, and time alone to rest  all the time. It’s the practice that trips me up most often.

So, this week, while I am thinking about caring for myself, I will be attempting to put into practice some positive changes as well. Instead of waiting until I have my whole plan organized, I am going to act this week. I will try to get up and have coffee before the kids come down, practice the guitar, go to Nia, and take a few minutes to sit quietly in the dark with the Christmas treelights each night before bed. Sounds simple enough for starters.

How will you care for yourself this week? Just make a small commitment. Call a friend, go for a walk, turn off the computer, or ask someone else living in your house to take one small task off of your chore list.  Give yourself some care.

Namaste, Jeannie