Thanksgiving, for me, really isn’t about Saints and Strangers (though it is about Cowboys for some in our family). It isn’t about a glamorized feast of the past or about turkey and dressing It isn’t about eating enough to be fortified for Black Friday. I planned a huge menu, yes, and we will enjoy the feast, but truly it’s about thanks. As I filled the cart yesterday I kept asking myself why we insist on making this holiday about excess. Isn’t Christmas excess enough? Couldn’t we just enjoy the excess of time we have on this day to spend together? Wouldn’t a simple meal be enough to deserve thanks? Isn’t every meal worthy of thanks? But, I bought the extra. I’ll happily fix the feast. There will be more people at our table than me. Some of them are relying upon turkey, pumpkin pie, and all the rest to make the holiday feel right. Can I really just decide for everyone? I think this is a conversation that our family should have long before I am standing in line with a thawing turkey next year. For now, I will be grateful that we are able to provide this feast and that we can spend this day together. I will try to extend this gratitude into the coming holidays and the new year.

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.
It turns what we have into enough, and more.
It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order,
confusion into clarity….It turns problems into gifts,
failures into success, the unexpected into perfect timing,
and mistakes into important events.
Gratitude makes sense of our past,
brings peace for today,
and creates a vision for tomorrow. ~Melodie Beattie

If you are reading this, I am grateful for you. For something you said or done or caused me to do…I am grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving! Namaste, Jeannie