Good Riddance! Things I will no longer tell myself…

1. I should cover the gray. (Why don’t I brighten the gray?)

2. I should feel guilty for saying, “No.” (No, means more time for true priorities and less resentment.)

3. I should be worried about the longterm effects of homeschooling. (I am not against public schools. But, for us personally, I am way more worried about the long-term effects of not homeschooling.)

4. I should present a perfect house. (I’m a woman. I will be the best woman I can be. I will not be a superwoman. If my house is perfect life with my family is compromised. Livable is perfect for us. )

5. I should be using using my degrees to do something important. (Duh!…right now…a brilliant career!)

6. I should not question what I learned at church as a child. (I have spent years trying to reconcile the rules of religion with what I feel in my heart without a doubt. Some of it works. Some of it feels contrived. I am content in my beliefs now, and know that what is true is there inside to discover if I just listen.)

7. I should feel guilty for getting too wrapped up in my life to blog regulary. (Blog or tend to those who need me most? I want more time…but that will come too soon. I won’t look back on my life and wish I’d posted everyday.)

8. I should wear what is expected of me. (Makes my skin crawl to even type that one! Nah, I will wear what makes me feel beautiful.)

Plenty of room in my rubbish bin for a few of your things…

Namaste, Jeannie

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